September 2016 Real Estate Statistics

Seasonal Slowing

The September 2016 Real Estate Statistics show continued seasonally slowing as we head into the winter months. We are seeing a continued decline in the median sales price, down to $2,500 over the previous month. Also continuing to decline is the number of new listings, down an additional 6.8% from August.

With the average 30 year fixed-rate mortgage rate very close to it’s lowest since 2013 it’s a great time for buyers to jump into the market. Even though there are now less homes for buyers to choose from, homes are remaining on the market slightly longer than they have been this spring and summer. This gives buyers a little more time to consider making an offer on available homes. These September 2016 real estate statistics show typical seasonal slowing in the real estate market here in Denver.

September 2016 Real Estate Statistics

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