Mission Statement

I am a real estate professional who cares deeply about the land to which I belong. I also acknowledge that the land that I love, inhabit, buy and sell has been stolen from its indeginous caretakers. With that knowledge comes a responsibility of gratitude and care, and a great desire to change the harmful ways that land is regarded in the real estate industry. I specialize in helping clients connect their investment and homeownership goals in balance with environmental land ethics. Some examples of this include specialized marketing emphasizing a holistic view of the property, marketing and education of resource efficient home technology and green building certifications, education and opportunities for hands-on rewilding and permaculture projects, elective reparations, and creative disruptions. I invite all that are interested to join me in these efforts to give back to the land through the process of buying, selling or owning a home. Serving Denver Metro area buyers, sellers, community members and the non-human inhabitants of our bioregion.

0.1-0.3% of every sale..

supports a local organization working to:

  • combat systemic inequality
  • give reparations to black and indigenous folks
  • support food sovereignty and regenerative agriculture
  • protect and support native plants and wildlife.

This is just one step in my commitment to make the Denver Metro area a greener, healthier, more equitable place for all. I invite all those interested in buying or selling real estate to contact me about how you can join me in these efforts. From giving by way of the real estate contract, to installing sustainable home technology, to compost building and native habitat cultivation. We have the tools and the skills to give back together.