The Only Constant is Change

It heartens me to know that over the last nine years I have met so many wonderful clients turned friends. Because of your belief in me as your Realtor, and our shared desire to infuse land ethics into real estate, I was able to donate nearly $13,000 in 2022 to local non-profits working to preserve habitat, combat systemic inequality, and give reparations to those harmed by the real estate industry. As these issues gain prevalence I hope to continue to be able to give back in more significant ways. I also hope that more of my peers in the real estate industry will join me in these efforts. Your encouragement, referrals and passion for a greener, healthier and more equitable place for all means the world to me. 

2023 marks the beginning of my tenth year as a real estate professional. In that time I’ve worked for three different brokerages (360dwellings was purchased by Century21 Elevated this spring). I’ve sold approximately one hundred and eighteen homes, and scheduled nearly 3,000 showings for prospective buyers. I became a GREEN certified Realtor specializing in sustainable and regenerative living. I also continued my own research into permaculture, native plants, zero waste, solar energy, heat pumps, induction stoves, and rain water systems in order to advise those looking to green their homes and lifestyles. 

As I look ahead into 2023 and to what the next decade might have in store, to me, things look promising. I say all of this from the perspective of the last nine years knowing how much things have changed. Technology turned real estate into a digital buying and selling process that most can experience from anywhere. Denver’s Group Living Rules changed to allow up to five unrelated adults to live together in a single-family dwelling which has given rise to co-buying and local, sustainable, communal living models. New construction has become more sustainable, eco-friendly and affordable and the costs of implementing energy saving features in existing homes has been aided by municipal rebate programs. The rise in interest rates put the brakes on the crazy seller’s market this fall, which has been a relief to buyers, but not enough to take us completely out of the seller’s market or put a stop to continued gains in equity. 

While urbanization, climate change, rising energy costs, displacement and continued growth will put heavy demands on us all, I am hopeful that we will see innovative solutions, new technologies and policy changes to meet the challenges that lie ahead. As ever, I will be here to offer my assistance in all the ways I am able. Again, thank you for all of your support and I hope to see you in 2023.

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