A view of the lake and skyline in Denver's City Park.

Why Move To Denver: Fifteen Reasons To Love Denver


Why move to Denver? I am a big believer in the sentiment that life is what you make it. But a life in Denver, Colorado is easily made with all that this great place has to offer. Here are fifteen reasons you should be living in Denver…

  • The View: Not every home in Denver comes with a mountain view, but you don’t have to look very hard to get one. Viewing the mountains through the seasons is one of my favorite things about living in Denver. After twenty-two years in Colorado I haven’t gotten tired of the view and I’m not sure I ever will. One added bonus to the view is you’ll never lose your sense of direction in Denver. Just look for the mountains and you’ll know which way is west.
  • The Altitude: Denver really is a mile high at 5,280 ft. above sea level. Not only will you impress your friends on the coast during trivia night with that little factoid but when you visit them at sea level you will feel like the most amazing athlete alive. The high altitude also means you get drunk faster, tan (or burn) sooner, and when the sun goes down in the summer so does the temperature.
  • Denver Loves Animals: Not only is there terrific wildlife to be viewed, but in Colorado we love our pets. Denver has a large number of veterinary hospitals, animal rescues, shelters and programs to help homeless pets. There are also a ton of opportunities for you to enjoy the great outdoors with your furry friends including: The Furry Scurry (an annual fundraiser and walk put on by the Denver Dumb Friends League), The Barker Lounge (the only place you can have a beer with your dog and it also happens to cater to LGBTQs), and Dog Dayz (when the local pools close to people and open up for dogs).

    Night game at Coors Field
    Night game at Coors Field
  • Sports Fans: We’ve got a professional sports team for every season. Cheer on the Rockies while you watch the sunset at Coors Field, or bundle up for a Bronco’s game at Invesco Field. There’s also the Denver Nuggets, The Colorado Avalanche and our professional soccer team The Colorado Rapids.
  • The Wild West: You never have to feel silly sporting a cowboy hat, boots or belt buckles in this town. Denver proudly hosts the National Western Stock Show each year where you can watch some of the best cowboys and girls compete and perform in almost 50 stadium shows. One of my favorite parts of this 16-day event is a visit to the stockyards where you can watch the steers and heifers get shined up for the shows with giant blow dryers. Other western events throughout the year include the Gay Rodeo (Rocky Mountain Regional Rodeo) in July and free country dance lessons every Wednesday – Saturday nights at Charlie’s Denver, a nightclub for the LGBTQ community.
  • Skiing: Some of the most amazing skiing in the world is available just an hour or two from Denver. Colorado boasts 26 world-class ski and snowboarding resorts for you to choose from and as a local you can get a great deal on a season pass. It’s not so much of a question of IF you will ski or ride each year, but where. The opportunities for back country skiing and boarding are also plentiful if you’re experienced enough to do it safely.

    Fall in Colorado
    Fall in Colorado
  • Hiking/Camping/Playing the Lottery: When you play the lottery in Colorado the profits from your lottery purchase go back to the parks, over $2.5 billion so far. Colorado is home to 4 National parks, 42 State Parks, 16 State Wildlife Areas, 11 National Forests, and 42 National Wildlife Areas. With varying degrees of terrain available you can hike, bike, fish, camp or backpack to your heart’s content, sometimes without seeing another human being. If you do want some company consider joining The Gay and Lesbian Sierrans of Colorado for one of their weekly treks.
  • Climate/Weather: Colorado is dry which makes the cold feel warmer and the heat feel cooler without all that humidity you get in other places. If you don’t like the weather in Colorado wait ten minutes. Even after twelve inches of snow it’s only a matter of hours before the sun has melted it all away and you’re wearing your shorts again. If life in the city gets too hot for you just take a quick drive to the mountains where you’ll need a jacket when the sun goes down.
  • Music Is Also Amazing: Red Rocks, need I say more?
  • Subarus Aren’t Just For Lesbians Anymore: In Colorado a Subaru is the unofficial state car. They’re everywhere: in the mountains, in the city, in the suburbs, at the dog park and at the grocery story. They’re usually filled with outdoorsy equipment, a blanket for the dog, and a camp chair (just in case). Most of them sport a ski rack and a half a dozen bumper stickers. Their not driven to impress but to be utilized, and they are. beers
  • Beer and Weed: If you’re over 21 in Colorado you can legally buy marijuana. Cannabis in Colorado is for connosieurs with local growers competing for your business and for blue ribbons at the State Fair. The Denver Post has a marijuana section devoted to the trade including reviews and recipes. Not into weed? How about a beer from one of Colorado’s 230 breweries. Or check out the Great American Beer Festival held in Denver each fall.
  • Community: We have a terrific LGBTQ community. The GLBT Center of Denver is a wonderful resource offering a great number of programs and activities including Denver PrideFest every June which hosts 325,000 guests each year. One Colorado is a wonderful advocacy organization dedicated to equality for the LGBT community, and is a great place to volunteer. Both of these are located in Capitol Hill, Denver’s “Gayborhood” where you’ll find more bars, nightclubs, cafes and restaurants.
  • Fit People: Nice arms and tight abs might not do it for everybody, but if a toned physique is something you find attractive then you’ll definitely appreciate the residents of Denver. Named one of America’s Fittest Cities you may be tempted to jump in with the rest of the city as they bike, hike and run their way away town.
  • Big City, Small Town Feel: In Denver you can have an urban experience and still have a backyard. Just ten minutes outside of the Central Business District are a variety of great metropolitan neighborhoods that give you the space to grow your own garden and host a BBQ. Prices for homes in neighborhoods like Park Hill, The Highlands, and Baker get you a house equivalent to those priced a million dollars more in places like San Francisco or Brooklyn. Denver is a great place to learn about urban homesteading too for those of you who want to grow your own food and/or keep your own bees.
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