Why You Should Have An Open House

Some may argue that open houses exists only for the listing agent to recruit new clients and can be a waste of time and energy for the seller. My experience has taught me the opposite. Each time I have held an open house for a seller it has resulted in the sale of the home, often faster and at a higher price than anticipated. Here are the reasons why I think you should consider having your listing agent hold an open house for you.


  1. Visibility and Accessibility: Prospective buyers rely on their real estate agents to send them internet listings of homes they might be interested in so that they can arrange a showing of the property. But what about those buyers who might not yet be working with a real estate agent or buyers whose agents are out of town or too busy when your listing hits the market? Open houses are a great way to give access to these buyers, neighbors, and any passerby who has interest in your neighborhood or home but might not have the time or resources to schedule a showing appointment.


  1. A Chance to Set Your Home Apart From the Rest: An open house is meant to be a welcoming, social and informative occasion where potential buyers can mingle with neighbors, receive more information about a home, ask questions and really get to know the unique aspects of a property. This is not available to prospective buyers at a typical showing appointment. It’s also a great way for people to see for themselves that your home is a welcome, and relaxed environment where they might imagine their future.


  1. A Faster and Easier Sale: An open house means that more prospective buyers will see your home at one time instead of stretched across weeks of individual showings. This can save you lots of time and energy narrowing the time you have to keep your home “show ready” or having to haul your kids and/or pets in and out of your home each time there is a scheduled showing. Buyers who really love your home may also become more motivated to put in a strong offer simply by seeing others who are interested in your property.
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